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Article Icon 1Florida Grand Jury Releases Epstein Records

The transcripts of a 2006 grand jury investigation into sex trafficking and rape allegations of late millionaire and financier Jeffrey Epstein were released by a Florida judge on Monday.

According to the transcripts, Florida prosecutors knew Jeffrey Epstein sexually assaulted teenage girls two years before they cut a plea deal—long criticized as too lenient—and a missed opportunity to imprison him a decade earlier.

The release came as a surprise since there was a scheduled hearing next week over unsealing the graphic testimony the judge called “sexually deviant, disgusting, and criminal.

A law that took effect on Monday created an exemption to the standard that Florida grand jury transcripts be kept secret forever.

Article Icon 1Crack-down on Rampant Card Skimming

The U.S. Secret Service teamed up with local law enforcement in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa in a first-of-its-kind sweep of 472 businesses looking for illegal skimming devices. You can see a ride-along video here.

The joint operation prevented $3.9 million in losses from electronic funds and nabbed 13 skimming devices, often found in ATMs, gas stations, and grocery stores.

Officials warned consumers of these types of fraud and offered tips on how to spot the info-stealing gadgets. Skimmers fit over the original card reader and almost perfectly blend in.

Article Icon 1Florida Students Make “Substantial Gains”

According to state standardized test scores released on Monday, a majority of Florida students in grades 3-10 showed a 4% year-over-year improvement in all key academic subjects.

The Florida Department of Education released scores from FAST, a series of standardized exams taken by students in grades 3 through high school.

Education Commissioner Manny Diaz praised the “notable” and “substantial gains” made by public school students.

Math scores, which in recent years suffered the most due to the COVID pandemic, improved from last year but still lagged from pre-pandemic levels.

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Around Florida
South Florida

Miami-Dade: 200 children were found nationwide thanks to a six-week, joint federal, state, county, and city effort to locate missing children, according to state attorneys who held a news conference Monday. (More)

Palm Beach International Airport received $17.2 million in federal grant money on Monday to improve safety and efficiency as part of Airport Infrastructure Grants at 129 airports in the U.S. (More)

 Miami-Dade: On Tuesday, the nation’s first climate tech hub that launched last year was given $19.5 million in federal funds for training and research focused on reinforcing the coast from rising seas. (More)

Central Florida

Polk County: Construction on a new county boat ramp began Monday to provide public access to Lake Buffum in unincorporated southern Polk County. (More)

Hillsborough County: Christine Miller was sworn into office on Monday as the newly appointed county commissioner for District 4 in Tampa, which includes the area south from San Jose Street to MacDill AFB and all of Davis and Harbour Islands. (More)

North Florida

Mayport: The USS Mason returned home to Naval Station Mayport on Tuesday after nearly nine months of extended combat operations. (Video)

Micanopy and Jacksonville: A sex store, two strip clubs, and a stripper filed a lawsuit on Monday against Florida state officials after a new law went into effect this week cracking down on human trafficking. (More)

The Panhandle

The state’s Job Growth Grant Fund gave $12 million to the Panhandle on Monday for aviation facilities in Defuniak Springs, a planned housing development in Jackson County, and to train aviation mechanics at Pensacola State College. (More)

Escambia: A judge last week dismissed Bruce Childers’ lawsuit seeking to be placed on the Supervisor of Elections ballot after he was removed by incumbent Supervisor Robert Bender, who is now running unopposed for automatically reelection. (More)

Texas Sports

The Orlando Magic  agreed to a five-year $84 million contract renegotiation and extension with forward Jonathan Isaac. The team also announced that free agent center Goga Bitadze is returning on a three-year $25 million deal. Bitadze started 33 games last season in the absence of regular starter Wendell Carter Jr. (More)

Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher Taj Bradley racked up a career-high 11 strikeouts in just 5.2 innings on Sunday against the Washington Nationals. (See video)

Florida gymnast Brody Malone has qualified for his second Olympics despite a freak knee injury he suffered in 2023. (More)

Yesterday’s Results: MLB | Copa América Wimbledon | WNBA

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The Business Of Texas

Property Reserve, the investment arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, paid $133 million for a newly completed eight-story rental building called The Ellsworth in Plantation. The deal marks its second South Florida purchase in seven months. (More)

Sarasota-based medical technology company Oragenics announced last week that it has completed a new prototype of an intranasal device to help those who have suffered concussions. (More)

Melbourne-based Florida Institute of Technology annually generates $1.6 billion in economic impact across the Sunshine State, according to a study released last week. (More)

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Liponine was even tested against Metformin AND WON. 

This is the exact information Pharma NEVER wanted you to read.

I would read with a notepad or take screenshots so you can reference them later if this gets pulled offline (it likely will)

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Clint Winters, Medical Scientist

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Et Cetera

 The funnel of an EF-1 tornado appeared suddenly on a Jacksonville street and flipped a truck across six lanes of traffic last week. (Video)

A filmmaker lived among black bears in the Panhandle for more than two years in preparation for his film, The Paper Bear, which will debut early next year. (More)

Sarah Boone, the Winter Park woman accused of killing her boyfriend by locking him inside a suitcase while playing hide-and-seek in 2020, will now represent herself after losing her eighth attorney. (More)

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